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Careless Driving in New Jersey

Careless driving in New JerseyCareless Driving is a less severe offence than Reckless Driving  and it is perhaps the most common traffic violation heard in every New Jersey Municipal Court.  Police generally issue this ticket to a driver deemed at fault following a motor vehicle accident.

39:4-97 CARELESS DRIVING -2 POINTS. There are no enhanced penalties for a second or subsequent offense of careless driving in New Jersey. Careless driving is a lesser included offense of reckless driving. This offense is known as a general catch all statute and includes all negligent offenses and states a person who drives carelessly or without due caution and circumspection in a manner so as to endanger or likely to endanger person or property. The fines can range from $78.00 to $200.00, if convicted in Court. You must also be aware that any conviction of a violation for points may result in increase insurance premiums and NJ State Surcharges.

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